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Photo: Alexis D. Lea – Zelia Rose performing at Cocoa Butter Club: Midsumma Special 2018.

Midsumma Festival relies on your generous donations to produce our three-week festival celebrating the vibrant and diverse LGBTQIA+ arts, culture and community contribution to Victoria.

Did you know?

Delivery: delivering the festival takes year-round planning and some events require even longer to plan.
Staff: Midsumma has four full time and two part time employees and is made possible by 200–300 volunteers each year.
Budget: Midsumma needs to raise 70% of our budget each year through private donations and business sponsorship.

The festival, especially Midsumma Carnival and Pride March, is expensive to run - and we need your help to keep it going.

For over 30 years, Midsumma has been able to provide the community with a range of programs and events throughout the three-week festival. There are also other significant hard costs to produce events, our program guide, the website and more. We truly appreciate the generosity of so many Midsumma sponsors, supporters and allies, who often provide time, money and even help to spread the word.

But your private and company contributions are vital to us, so we can continue to bring you this vivacious – often irreverent – world-class festival.

Patron support of Midsumma will ensure that your Midsumma exists well into the future. It will directly support new and emerging artists and cultural event producers who wish to showcase their work, members of the LGBTQIA+ communities who are further disadvantaged by intersectional identities such as queer people with disability and/or those who face other types of cultural discrimination as well as being LGBTQIA+.

In 2017 we created Midsumma Futures, a 9-month mentoring and skills development workshop program for up to 12 early career LGBTQIA+ artists. One mentoree film-maker Parisa La says: 

As an emerging artist, Midsumma Futures was the best thing that could have happened to me at this point in my career. Through incredibly well-planned workshops, all with very pertinent goals, I felt grounded, energised and focused. The artists that spoke at these sessions were always generous and honest with sharing their own personal experiences getting established in the industry. They not only shone a light on the obstacles that we may face on our journey forward but provided us with useful tools to overcome them. Thanks to the industry-based mentorship program, I was able to get the guidance and support I desperately sought in improving my skills as a filmmaker. Further, the value of the relationships I have built because of Midsumma Futures is priceless.

Subsequently, in 2018 we have also intiated Midsumma Pathways, a partner program to Midsumma Futures, but specially for LGBTQIA+ artists with disability. 

Become a Midsumma Patron by clicking the links below, or click DONATE NOW to  donate as little or as much as you like – we really are grateful for every little drop.




2019 Events

19 Jan — 10 Feb 2019