Midsumma Signature Events

Midsumma has a proud history of celebration and championship of all things Queer! This year’s Festival is punctuated by three fabulous signature outdoor events. Midsumma Carnival opens the Festival with an all-day-and-night party-in-the-park at Melbourne’s Alexandra Gardens.

Midsumma Pride March, Melbourne's iconic march of solidarity and celebration, rolls through the streets of St Kilda in the second week of the Festival.

End your Festival with a bang as the final weekend explodes with a brand new event, Midsumma Horizon, a new-art party at Testing Grounds tucked away in Melbourne's CBD.

And the best thing: they are all free!

Image Credit: Alison Bennett

Check out the Midsumma Carnival signature event

Check out the Midsumma Pride March signature event

Check out the Midsumma Horizon signature event