Supporting a 'Yes' Vote

Image: Pride March 2017 Suzanne Balding

"With the current climate surrounding the decision to go ahead with a postal survey, the Midsumma team stand with our communities in getting ready for what may prove to be an even more difficult period for the well-being of all of us. We hope for an outcome of the survey that sees sense prevail, with an overwhelming ‘yes’ vote.
It is at this time that we need to move as one and offer support to all those who need it in the coming weeks and months.
If you are experiencing difficulty at this time, there are many people you can talk to. Check out this handy list of resources from our friends at Switchboard Victoria
" — Karen Bryant.

If you would like to add a #YES rainbow flag to your social media page(s), you can download flags specially formatted for the most popular social media from our #YES dropbox folder.

If you would like the rainbow without the YES icon, you can get it in various formats from our rainbow flag dropbox folder.

These Dropbox folders contain assets for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. There is also the InDesign file, which you are welcome to pass on to your designers if you wish to create other specs or overlay your own logo over the flag. Feel free to circulate the Dropbox links as far and wide as you’d like!

Image: Pride March 2017 by Suzanne Balding