Midsumma Pride March Participation


Information for The Marchers

This page contains information for groups and individuals who are participating in the Midsumma Pride March. Those who wish to come along to support the marchers should check out the 2017 Midsumma Pride March Event.

Read on for the answers to all your questions.

Where is the video recording of the Participant Briefing?
The online version can be found at Midsumma Pride March 2017: Briefing.

Where can I find the Marching Order?
The marching order for Midsumma Pride March 2017 is now online.

When should I arrive?
A representative of your group (just one!) AND each vehicle driver will be required to sign-in at St Kilda Sports Club at the following times:
  • 12.30pm: Waves A to E
  • 1.00pm: Waves F to J
  • 1.20pm: Waves K to O

Once signed-in, your group's representative will be sent to the Ian Johnson Oval to greet the rest of your group. Vehicle drivers will return to their car on Lakeside Drive.

When does the rest of the group arrive?
The rest of your group must arrive at Ian Johnson Oval by 1.30pm

When and where do Dykes on Bikes arrive?
Dykes on Bikes assemble and sign-in at the corner of Acland St and Fitzroy St at 12:30pm.

Can I bring a vehicle?
Please note that only registered vehicles and drivers approved by Victoria Police will be allowed to participate. If you are unsure if your vehicle and nominated driver have been approved, please contact us.

Do I have to follow the road rules?
Yes. As required by Victoria Police, any individual inside a vehicle will be required to follow standard road rules. This includes wearing a seat belt at all times, wearing a helmet if you are driving a motorcycle, and no standing on the rear tray of a ute. For the safety of all marchers and viewers, drivers will be breathalysed at Assembly.

My vehicle is part of the parade. Is there parking for me afterwards?
There is no designated parking for vehicles after the parade. 

Is there water for participants?
Bring a reusable bottle to the march. Free water refilling stations will be available at both the marshalling grounds and Catani Gardens.

Be Sun Smart
Don’t forget, slip, slop, slap!
As this is during the middle of summer, Midsumma would like to remind everyone to remain sun smart by wearing sunscreen and hats (or carry an umbrella). We recommend leaving your pets at home, where it’s cool.

Handing Out Stuff?
Keep a few things in mind:

  1. Avoid handing out materials likely to be dropped on the street or in Catani Gardens.
  2. Flyers and other paraphernalia must include an acknowledgement to ‘recycle responsibly’.
  3. And you can’t hand out food or beverages without a current Food Handling Certificate (and that includes lollies).

Height Restrictions
There will be tram lines above you!
If your banners, flags or other props are taller than 2.5 meters please contact the Festival Office to discuss further.

Parking and Public Transport
It’s a big event, parking is going to be limited!
We highly recommend using public transport or cycling where possible. Please note that Fitzroy Street will be closed to traffic between 1pm and 5pm approximately.

What are the Midsumma Pride March Awards?
Following the lead of our queer cousins in Pride Marches across the world, Midsumma is introducing the Midsumma Pride March Awards. See Pride March Inspiration for some ideas. Intended to encourage a bright presence from participants, the inaugural Awards are:

Most Fabulous: awarded to the most fantastically-frocked group. 2017 winner: Melbourne Frontrunners
Significant Message: awarded to the group with a timely and well-conveyed message. Joint 2017 winners: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; Minus18 and Safe Schools
Most Innovative: awarded to the cleverest float in the show. 2017 winner: VAC and their Riff Raff Marching Band