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Image: Suzanne Balding 2017
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The individual, group or organisation who will be marching

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Midsumma Festival will list all Midsumma Pride March participants on our website.

Primary Contact
Who is the best Primary Contact for all correspondence? All emails from Midsumma Festival regarding Pride March will be delivered to the person listed below. Please check that they are not on annual leave over the summer or unavailable in January to receive information.
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Number of people you expect will be marching with your group or organisation. Only numbers will be accepted into the above field – please do not use commas, letters or symbols.
Describe your participating group in a couple of sentences. Be as specific as possible. Eg, "Our section consists of three drag queens in flowing gowns that trail five metres behind us" or "We are a marching band of 30 members in swimsuits" or "We will have two acrobats performing flips and rolls throughout the march".

Specific Activities: will your group activity include any of the following? Use ctrl / cmd to select multiple items.

Specific Activities - Additional Information: please use the box below to provide further detail:


Vehicles in the March

Registrations for vehicles to be included in the 2017 Pride March have now closed.

Vehicles in the March

Will you have any vehicle or mode of transporting your participants in the march, other than on foot? This includes segways, motorbikes, cars, trucks or billy carts.
Please note: acceptance of registration will be contingent upon a representative of your group attending a briefing session to be held on Monday 22 January, 6 – 7pm at St Kilda Town Hall (Auditorium). Session can be attended online.
Please select 'Yes' if you will be using any form of transportation in the march.
Using vehicles?     Number of vehicles
Form of Transport:
Vehicle type, registration number, state and expiry for each vehicle. e.g. Car, Mazda 323, ABC 123, VIC, 16/4/2017

Driver(s): for each driver, tell us:
1. Name on license (name of driver)
2. License state & type (e.g. Vic Car)
3. License number
4. License expiry date
5. Driver's email
6. Driver's mobile

All vehicle and driver information must be correct and up to date. Victoria Police and Midsumma Festival will work together to ensure that all road safety measures are undertaken and all participants comply with Victorian road rules and regulations.

Our Commitments

We / I commit to the following:
1) Attendance of Pride March Briefing on Monday 22 January, 6 – 7pm at St Kilda Town Hall (Auditorium) * 
A member of our group will attend the Pride March Briefing, which can be attended online or in person at St Kilda Town Hall. 
2) Arrival at designated time on Sunday 28 January * 
We commit to arriving at the Marshalling Area (cnr Fitzroy St and Lakeside Dr, St Kilda) at our designated arrival time (participants will be notified of their arrival time in early January 2018; arrival times are staggered and fall between 12:30 and 2:30pm) for a 2pm march start. We are aware that latecomers may lose their placement in the march order.   

Order of Marchers

Equality is at the heart of Midsumma Pride March, and no placement in the march is better than any other. Each placement receives the same number of views by members of the public.
Order placement is at the discretion of Midsumma staff and you will be notified of your placement by email prior to the day of the march. Midsumma reserves the right to alter placements at any time.
Access Requirements: does anyone in your group have access requirements?
Marchers with special needs or living with disability are placed early in the march as a long wait or lengthy exposure to the elements would adversely affect their health.
Please provide details:
Group Category: groups are assembled together into sections called "waves" according to similar area of interest or themes.
Please select up to three wave options that best describe your group (use Ctrl / Cmd to select up to three items):

Wave Placement Details: please provide details about your placement in a 'wave'.
For example, is there another group you traditionally march alongside or would like to march with for 2018?


Donate to Midsumma Festival — Help Keep Pride March Alive

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Midsumma Festival, please enter the amount below. This will help cover the costs of Pride March.
Donation amount (whole dollars only):