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Please use the form below to register an event for inclusion in the 2018 Midsumma Festival Program.

Event Registration Deadline: Midnight, Friday 28 July 2017

Midsumma is a small team and we don’t have the capacity to chase missing content. As such registrations without an image, event description, payment, confirmed venue or with missing information will not be accepted.

Be sure to read the Essentials section in the Event Registration Information Pack and please take a moment to read through the entire form before entering any data, to make sure you have all the information you need.

You cannot partially fill in your registration form and return to it later, so please have all your material ready at the time of registering your event.

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You and Your Organisation

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About You and/or Your Group

These questions are about the people likely to be involved in your event. We understand that you might not yet have accuracy on all of these details but we need this important information to ensure we have a 'balanced' festival mix.

Artists / Key Participants in your event *
Please tell us the number of people you expect to engage with creating or participating in your event
(not anticipated audiences):  

Age of Participants: number of participants in each age bracket

0-12 years old
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19-25 years old
71 or more years
26-35 years old


Gender Identity: number of participants of each gender identity type

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Other - please state


Sexual Identity: number of participants of each sexual identity type

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Other - please state


Diversity: number of participants in each category
Number of participants who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Number of participants who come from a non-English speaking background

Number of participants who identify as a person with disability


Your Event

The following information will be used to promote your event on the Midsumma Festival website and guide.
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Venue Letter of Agreement: Please provide a link to your Venue Contract or Letter of Agreement.
If you wish, you can view then optionally download and modify this example Letter of Agreement and give us the link to your modified document.

Event Date(s) *
e.g. 20 — 22 Jan

Session Times *
e.g. Mon — Wed 9pm

Duration (if relevant, in minutes): whole numbers only – no commas, letters or symbols:  
Tagline or Media Quote
This is one line of text to sum up the tone and premise of your event. It can even be a media quote, if you have one.
e.g. "T Dance: Melbourne’s ultimate queer outdoor dance party" or "Queer comedy genius!" - Rolling Stone

Printed Guide Listing *
Please provide a maximum 380 character description (including spaces) of your event. This is approximately 60 to 70 words and will be used in the printed Midsumma Festival guide.

Online Listing *
Please provide a description of your event for the website, of approximately 200 to 300 words.

Website: If your event has its own website we can provide a more info link from your online event listing. Please note, websites other than midsumma.org.au cannot be listed in the printed guide.


Program Categories

At the time of registering, you will be required to select one Program Category and you can optionally select two additional Program Subcategories. The Program Category will be listed in the Midsumma Printed Program Guide and all three selections will be listed on the website.
Primary Category *:
First Subcategory:
Second Subcategory:

Guide and Website Images

Please provide weblinks to your four event images, or at least to your original high resolution event image. The images should be stored in Dropbox, Google Drive or similar - if unsure about this, go to our Event Promotional Images Guide.

Image 1: 800 x 475px JPEG or TIFF 300dpi CMYK | Image 2: 1000 x 480px JPEG 72dpi RGB | Image 3: 700 x 700px JPEG 72dpi RGB | Image 4: high res original JPEG, EPS or TIFF

Image 1: Printed Guide: 800 x 475px landscape (horizontal) image in JPEG or TIFF 300dpi format, colour space CMYK
Image 2: Website: 1000 x 480px landscape (horizontal) image in JPEG 72dpi format, colour space RGB
Image 3: Mobile Phone: 700 x 700px square image in JPEG 72dpi format, colour space RGB
Image 4: Original *: high resolution image in JPEG, EPS or TIFF
Image credit (e.g. "Photo by James Dean"):
Do you have permission to use this image? * (i.e. have you purchased this image, been given permission by the image owner to use it or obtained the image through creative commons?):

Type of Registration

Free event: Regular Price $295 | Discounted Price $195; Priced Event, 1 - 2 sessions: Regular Price $350 | Discounted Price $245; Priced Event, 3 + sessions: Regular Price $410 | Discounted Price $300
Please select your Event Type. Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive an email prompting you to complete the payment stage of registering an event. Payments are by credit or debit card. An invoice will automatically be generated and emailed to you.
Event Type *:  
Accredited GOWEST Presenting Partner: please select 'yes' if your participation in the GOWEST program has been approved by Hobsons Bay City Council 


On the Midsumma Festival website, there is space for two Sponsor logos for your event (landscape images are preferable).
Name of Sponsor(s) in image 1
Name of Sponsor(s) in image 2
Link to Sponsor Logo 1
Link to Sponsor Logo 2
Text Credit if applicable: you may prefer to provide a text credit rather than logos

Access Icons

Please select the icons that you would like to appear alongside your event description in the Official Festival Program Guide and on midsumma.org.au. These icons provide audiences with additional information about your event regarding access services and content in your event.
Audio Described (for the vision impaired)   Audio Described
Sessions that are Audio Described (dates & times):
Auslan Interpreted   Auslan Interpreted
Sessions that are Auslan Interpreted (dates & times):
Captioning   Captioning
Hearing Loop services   Hearing Loop Services
Relaxed Performance   Relaxed Performance
Sessions with Relaxed Performances (dates & times):
Tactile Tour   Tactile Tour
Sessions with Tactile Tours (dates & times):
Wheelchair Accessible   Wheelchair Accessible

Other Icons That May Describe Your Event

Age 18 or over only   Adults Only
Family Friendly   Family Friendly
Food available   Food Available
Bar available   Bar Available
Identity Specific Event?
Does your event or venue only allow people of a specific identity or community
(e.g. "Transgender only", "Queer and Trans People of Colour only", "Women only", "Men only")?
Declaration: I have read the "Icons" information on the Midsumma Registration Information page and selected icons according to their criteria for use:  

Content Warnings

It is important that your audience is prepared for the nature of the content of your event. We can include warnings alongside your event description. Please select from the following warnings (note, warnings marked with an * will appear in the Official Festival Guide, all other warnings will appear on the website only). Press Ctrl/Cmd to select multiple options:
... or anything else that you think your audience should know about:

TICKETING (click to open if your event requires bookings, this includes free-ticketed events)


If your event is not ticketed and no bookings are required, please skip ahead to the next section.

My event is ticketed or requires registration (includes free-ticketed events):  
Select Ticketing Type:  

Ticket Prices

Fill out the prices of your tickets below. Include the inside per-ticket fee in your ticket price. See Ticketing: Prices and Fees in the Event Registration information section for more info on ticketing fees.
Only numbers will be accepted into the following four fields – no commas, letters or symbols.

Full Price:

Group Price:

Concession Price:

Minimum group size:

Other ticket Price 1:     (e.g. $55 Meal plus show)
Other ticket Price 2:     (e.g. Members free)
% Capacity sold through Midsumma:
(should be no less than 50% of total capacity)
  (% amount, whole numbers only)
Seating Type:  

I have read and understood the Ticketing Information on the Event Registration Information page


External Ticketing Contact

If you are splitting your ticketing between Midsumma and another ticketing agency, please provide their details here.

Ticketing Agency:

Authorised Contact

Authorised Contact

Authorised Contact


Ticketing Remittance

Please complete the following bank details, which dictate where Midsumma should pay your ticketing income to after the completion of your event or show.

Bank Account Name:

Bank Account Number:

Bank Account BSB:



Roving Rights

Do you want to rove and promote your event at Midsumma Carnival?  
Valued at $2000, roving rights are granted to Midsumma Festival events at Midsumma Carnival on Sun 14 Jan 2018. You will be allocated a 3-hour time slot for a maximum of four rovers. All promotional information handed out must include "Do not litter" or "Recycle Responsibly". We will be in contact closer to Midsumma Carnival to arrange your roving accreditation and schedule.

Elect to be a Festival Pass Friendly Event!

Each production registered as part of Midsumma Festival will receive eight Participant Passes, which entitles the pass-holder entry to the VIP Midsumma Carnival Bar, bar discounts at Festival Hubs and last-minute free entry to Pass Friendly Events.

Elect to be a Pass Friendly Event! Pass Holders receive last-minute free admission to your event if seats are available, and only after paying patrons have entered. Entry is subject to availability on the night and is not guaranteed. One entry only per pass; no plus-ones.

I elect to be a Pass Friendly Event:  
I have confirmed with my venue or FOH team that they will accept the Festival Pass:  


You should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of submitting your application. If not, try going back in your browser and double-checking that you had entered the correct information in the email and email confirmation fields.



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