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What is Marketing and Publicity?

In a nutshell, both marketing and publicity are the tools used to promote your event to audiences.

Marketing is usually associated with the choices you make around images, copy/text and the key messages you use to describe your event. Marketing also describes the various channels you might utilise to advertise to audiences such as a website, social media, eNewsletters, newspaper/radio/billboard or TV advertising – or distribution such as flyers or posters – amongst many other ways in which you directly communicate with your audiences about your event.

Publicity refers to obtaining free media coverage for your event, and can include newspapers, magazines, television, radio or digital & social media. By sending a media release and following up you can actively encourage journalists and editors to interview, review, write editorial or simply create a listing about your event.

There is further information about both marketing and publicity in this guide below.
To assist your event with cutting through the media and gaining the maximum amount of exposure possible, Midsumma Festival has put together the following resource for all registered events. Read on for information on how to communicate, market and publicise your event.

With such a diverse range of events housed within Midsumma Festival, some information below in this document may not apply to your event, but we recommend you read through and see what can help you make the most of your Midsumma Festival registration.

The Midsumma Festival team are here to help! So if you have questions about promoting your event call 03 9296 6600 or [email protected].


The Basics





Where possible, it is normally best to employ a professional publicist, unless of course you have those skills and contact lists yourself. A publicist will circulate your media release to their contacts, liaise directly with the media, advocate for editorial and other publicity opportunities, invite media to VIP events, organise reviews and track all publicity released about the event.

Midsumma also collect all event media releases to put onto the website ( and will guide media enquiries to this area.



2019 Events

19 Jan — 10 Feb 2019
  • AGL
  • Jetstar
  • Dan Murphy's
  • City of Melbourne
  • PwC
  • Corrs
  • NAB