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Your image is crucial to getting people along to see your event. While it needs to be compelling, it’s important to note how many different shapes and sizes will be required to make it fit Midsumma’s printed program guide, the website and mobile phone applications.

You must provide us with four different sizes of your event image. The following table outlines the sizes and formats required.

Not sure how to create these different sizes and formats, or what the table even means? Don't worry! This guide below explains what to do.

Tip: It is really important to give each image a clearly identifiable name, for example:

  • Printed Guide Image: Your Event Name - printed guide.jpg
  • Phones Image: Your Event Name - phones.jpg
  • Website Image: Your Event Name - website.jpg
  • Original Image: Your Event Name - original.jpg

Once you have created your images, upload them to a cloud-based storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or any other that you have subscribed to, and enter a link to them in the Images section of the Midsumma Event Registration form. The guidelines below explain how to do this.


2019 Events

19 Jan — 10 Feb 2019