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Midsumma Festival has a rich and diverse history, but it hasn't always been plain sailing! Some of the milestones were:

o The early 1980s: Midsumma's history really started in the early 1980s with Gay Day
o 1986: the VAC proposed a Melbourne festival
o 1988: Midsumma came into being, with the first festival held in 1989
o The early 1990s: each year was "a modest if slightly disorganised success"
o 1996: Pride March arrived and the Carnival moved to the Alexandra Gardens
o 1997: Claire Beckwith was our first female president
o 2003: the legendary US Comic, Joan Rivers, appeared at Carnival
o 2008: the 1st Asia Pacific Outgames was held in Melbourne, with Midsumma Festival as the cultural partner.

There were many more significant milestones and events over the years. Please read on for more information and check out the year-by-year history too, both in the 20th and 21st centuries.

  • City of Melbourne
  • Dan Murphy's
  • PwC
  • Jetstar
  • NAB
  • AGL
  • Corrs