QueerTech.io = Art(URL, IRL);

Responding to the growing international inquiry into practices of #queertech in digital art circles, the QueerTech.io artist collective (Alison Bennett, Travis Cox, Xanthe Dobbie & Mark Payne) have invited artists from around the world to come together digitally, physically and oh so queerly to contribute internet artworks, projects and provocations to the ongoing #queertech conversation. The project will be embedded at Midsumma Horizon at Testing Grounds for a night of spectacular outdoor data-projections which complement the QueerTech.io online exhibition.

Image: Xanthe Dobbie 2014, Not Today Satan, Youtube/Web Collage, infinite loop. Based on the central panel from Hans Memling's Last Judgement (c. late 1460s).

QueerTech.io will be shown on the Big Screen at Federation Square throughout January, February and March, presented by BLINDSIDE.Data-projections at Midsumma Horizon, 6 - 11pm Sat 4 Feb.

Live: Sat 4 Feb 6 - 11pm at Testing Grounds
Online: from Sun 15 Jan at QueerTech.io

Animation: Pati Solomona Tyrell, Aitu Vogue Ball (NZ)