Other Other

OTHER - OTHER: the marginalised of the marginalised.

Other Other is a group show focussed on the voices of those of the queer community who experience otherness from within our circles.

The queer First Nations will be represented as well as those of other cultural and racial backgrounds, members of the trans and gender diverse communities and people who experience disability, from reaches across Melbourne, Australia.

Some of the ways we have the experience of being othered are through cultural divides; racism; fat phobia; body, gender and/or sexual policing and inaccessibility.

This contributes to the further experience of marginalisation, reinforcing inability to access support and is a driving factor in lateral violence and internalised phobias.

This exhibition will give voice to these artists and issues.

Co-curated by Peter Waples-Crowe and Pila Darling

Presented as part of Wyndham Arts