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Midsumma Horizon

Sky is the limit

Experience a new-art extravaganza as the sun sets on Midsumma Festival 2017.

Unfixed identities, radical perspectives and new politics collide in Midsumma Horizon as we ask what does a queer future look like?

Co-curated by Daniel Santangeli and Alison Bennett, this art party features live-performance, projection, visual art and music: all in the heart of the city at Testing Grounds, Melbourne's outdoor site for creative risk-taking.

Self-representation is at the fore with a spotlight on Queer and Trans People of Colour (QTPOC) narratives. See a program of spoken word performances selected by Bobuq Sayed (writer and co-editor of Archer Magazine), new-wave drag with Dani Boi, and intimate performance conversation with bio queen Beni Lola (aka Natasha Jynel).

Catch three unique voices in Melbourne's contemporary dance scene with veteran dancer Tony Yap, irreverent and erotic choreographer Cam McLachlan, and contemporary emotional innovation strategist Geoffrey Watson SC.

Experience new queer performance with performing artist Marcus McKenzie known for his fusion of the metaphysical and the political, masters of electroacoustic mayhem Octave Pussy, queer comedy troupe Po Po Mo Co, and folk music legends Transylvanian Gypsy Kings.

And expect an appearance from special guest Ursula Martinez (Olivier Award winner, a cult cabaret diva) with that Hanky Panky routine.

Audiences will also see new work by installation and craft artist Casey Jenkins, whose 2015 vaginal knitting works caused shockwaves across the Internet. Testing Grounds artist-in-resident, Lesley Turnbull, will feature the photographic results of her current residency on the grounds where Midsumma Horizon takes place.

Bring your phone and stroke that screen to experience the locative site of, an internet-art project of works from around the globe featured as part of Midsumma Horizon.

How to Access Testing Grounds

Program of Events

Note: the Visual Art exhibitions (first three items) are open for the duration of the Midsumma Horizon event.

  1. 6-11pm White Cube & Big Wall: digital artwork and projects
  2. 6-11pm: Bye Bye Baby installation by Casey Jenkins
  3. 6-11pm: Lesley Turnbull: photographic portraits
  4. 6:00pm Black Box: QTIPOC Readings, programmed by Bobuq Sayed Auslan interpretedAuslan interpreted
  5. 6:00pm Roving: Po Po Mo Co (Post Post Modern Comedy)
  6. 6:30pm Open Box: Octave Pussy
  7. 7:30pm Open Box: Dani Boi & Perry Shables Auslan interpretedAuslan interpreted
  8. 8:00pm Black Box: A Brief Seminar on the Transference From Flesh to Machine, Marcus McKenzie Auslan interpretedAuslan interpreted
  9. 8:30pm Clear Box: Inept and Inert act 1 - DON'T WORK, Geoffrey Watson SC
  10. 9:00pm Clear Box: A Gaze, Tony Yap
  11. 9:30pm Roving: Transylvanian Gypsy Kings
  12. 10:00pm Clear Box: Ursula Martinez
  13. 10:15pm Black Box: Natasha Jynel (aka Beni Lola, Auto Bio Queen) Auslan interpretedAuslan interpreted
  14. 10:30pm Open Box: Cam McLachlan & Milo Hyde (HardQueer DeathPony)

Note: please be advised that some performances and exhibitions featured as part of Midsumma Horizon contain full nudity, depictions of violence as well as references to sexual violence, drug use, suicide and other content that may cause distress.
Image: Mark Lobo featuring Transylvanian Gypsy Kings & Jacki Hammer