Midsumma Horizon

Sky is the limit

Experience a new-art extravaganza as the sun sets on Midsumma Festival 2017.

Featuring a cross-section of Melbourne's experimental artists, Midsumma Horizon celebrates the often-volatile space that queer arts occupy. Unfixed identities, radical perspectives and new politics collide as we ask what does a queer future look like?

Co-curated by Daniel Santangeli and Alison Bennett, Midsumma Horizon is a future-focused art party featuring live-performance, projection, visual art and music: all in the heart of the city at Testing Grounds, Melbourne's outdoor site for creative risk-taking.

Bring your phone and stroke that screen to experience the locative site of QueerTech.io, an internet-art project of works from around the globe featured as part of Midsumma Horizon.

Image: Mark Lobo featuring Transylvanian Gypsy Kings & Jacki Hammer