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The Great Gay Goddess Gallery

The Great Gay Goddess Gallery - the Divinity of Diversity

The Great Gay Goddess Gallery presents the richness of gay and lesbian culture through her multifaceted modern identities. This body of work uses the concept of The Goddess to explore themes of self expression and identity. The power of goddess archetypes lies in the way they touch on and validate all aspects and dimensions of female power and expression. This work is also concerned with difference and the appreciation of difference. The key theme works around the notion that our identities are expressions of the same female essence and that we each express different aspects of this fundamental nature. Considering ourselves and others in this way can dissolve the idea of difference, inspire curiosity and make it possible to wonder at the breadth and beauty of what being female is.

My hope is that the work will engage you with it's colourful exuberance and sense of humour and more broadly, that it will lighten and enliven the highly personal subject of identity which can sometimes weigh heavily on us.

Opening night will include free wine (which also lightens and enlivens!), an energetic atmosphere and the opportunity to purchase art work will be available during the entire exhibition period. Everyone is welcome, so please, DO come!