Dolly Diamond's Piano Barre

Monday nights during Midsumma are getting a musical lease of life: Dolly Diamond is taking over The Barre at Arts Centre Melbourne.

A sing-along in a bar full of strangers is a much loved tradition in cities such as London, New York and Adelaide, and this year it's Melbourne's turn.

There will be VIP guest performers each week - but everyone will have a chance to sing, if they wish. And needless to say, Dolly will be trawling through her own songbook of life!

Dolly Diamond's Piano Barre is all about you. Join in and sing a collective show-tune or three. Or perhaps something from Kylie... or butch it up with a bit of Liza or Judy. 'Too much' simply isn't in the vocabulary at the Piano Barre.

Dolly Diamond, Arts Centre Melbourne and Midsumma 2017... a fabulous medley that everyone will love.