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A stirring, sensual dance piece that takes the audience on a journey of expression

The remainder of the season for this event has been cancelled

"A stirring, sensual dance piece that takes the audience on a journey of expression, and commands the destruction of gender inequality"- Scenestr Magazine.

Be it power dressing, cross dressing, wanting to stand out from the crowd or desperate to disappear into anonymity. It is how we dress and present ourselves that creates the first impression. CROSSFADE presents as a collaborative exploration into dress ups, gender, transgression, the roles we assume and those thrust upon us. A performance from which layered vocabularies of movement emerge, underpinning a rich visual narrative that will transform the Melba Spiegeltent like never before.

Performed by Bryan Smith, Lily Fish, Miss Fit, Joshua Coles-Braun, Jessaeme St James, Jessi Lewis, Timothy Treasure and Kiki Targe, who are also joined each week by some of Melbourne's most subversive performers including Kindred Suprise, Frankie Valentine, Bobby Dear and Richard Behayve.

Borrowed from a production/editing term, meaning to fade between two images, but here adopted as a metaphor, what it is to crossfade between binary and non binary roles. Composed of interconnected vignettes, CROSSFADE draws upon different periods in time creating a heady mix that resonates long after the performance.