Midsumma Artwork by Vexta

Internationally regarded street artist, Vexta, breathes new life into a queer symbol in a vibrant new artwork for Midsumma Festival 2017. Featured on the front cover of the Festival Guide is Love is Love – The Seahorses created on board using acrylic and spray paint.

"Seahorses are known for their mating dance: a celebration of love and connection," says Vexta discussing the iconography in Love is Love. "With their unique beauty and unparalleled gender fluidity in the animal kingdom they represent free love in a complicated world.".

Known by her quintessential use of fluorescent colours and painterly use of stencils, Vexta utilises colourful geometric pieces representative of the sub-atomic particles that make up all matter. In Love is Love, this technique not only speaks to the globally recognised Pride flag but also serves to highlight how we are all made of the same parts.

Vexta is a self-taught artist from Sydney based in New York. Recently named by The Guardian as one of the important women redefining street art, Vexta has exhibited across Australia, Europe and North America.

Image Credit: Love is Love – The Seahorses by Vexta.