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The Telstra Citizen Reporters will be back in 2019! Their details will be posted here once they have been appointed.

Adam Sparnon — Customer Experience Program Specialist

Adam SparnonI'm passionate about inspiring transformation through connection and this is reflected in everything I do. By day, I facilitate Telstra's Executive Leaders through immersion programs designed to connect them with our customers and people. By night, I coach clients to connect them with their true purpose. I am deeply involved in the LGBTIQ+ community, across multiple social clubs, as a board member of The Equality Project and Guest Co-Ordinator of the Better Together conference. When I'm not working, studying or socialising, I'm generally in the gym or catching up on my latest favourite sci-fi programs. I'm looking forward to being involved with Midsumma again in 2018 as a Telstra Citizen reporter, sharing the gift of awareness and celebrating the strengths of our fabulous community!

Instagram: Adam Sparnon  @asparnon  Facebook: Adam Sparnon

Elana Monteleone — Sub Editor and Copywriter (Knowledge Team)

Elana MonteleoneHey there! Elana here, chuffed to be back for my third year of Midsumma reporting. A bit about me; I'm a sub editor and copywriter in Telstra's Knowledge space. When I'm not in the office I'm either training for taekwondo or binge-watching TV series. I think I've struck a good balance. Celebrating queer culture is important to me for a myriad of reasons, but ultimately I see the Midsumma Festival as an opportunity to relish in each other's uniqueness and reflect on how far the LGBT+ community has come.

Twitter: Elana Monteleone  @elanamonteleone   Instagram: Elana Monteleone  @elana_monteleone

Rod Taylor — Indigenous Employment Co-Ordinator

Rod TaylorI'm an Indigenous LGBTI male and I am one of the Indigenous Employment Co-ordinators at Telstra, specialising in helping Indigenous candidates being placed into roles within the organisation. My passion for diversity has me involved with other diversity work within our team such as Wear it Purple and IDAHOT day, and volunteering previously at Midsumma and taking part at last year's Pride March. I'm beyond excited to be taking a more active role in 2018 and being a roving reporter! Outside of the office, you more than likely find me at the cinema watching the latest blockbuster, lazing on the couch watching the latest hot show, attending a concert, hitting the gym or dining at the cafés around St Kilda.

Instagram: Rod Taylor  @rusty_taylor_77  Twitter: Rod Taylor  @rustynayelz


Ross Healy — Social Media

Rod TaylorYou'll probably hear me before you see me. My name's Ross, tea and chocolate enthusiast and returning Citizen Reporter for Midsumma 2019. It's been an incredible ride, this being my third Midsumma and second year as a Reporter. By day I look after social media for Telstra's employment brand, celebrating why Telstra is a great place to work, but outside of that I love all things nerdy, bookish, and videogame-related. Please come to me with Simpsons quotes and some good LGBT book recommendations with happy endings, we need more of them.

Instagram: Ross Healy  @rawshealy  Twitter: Ross Healy  @rawshealy


Sophie Stewart — Copper Continuity Process Support

Sophie StewartI'm extremely passionate about making the world a more equal and accepting place. Currently undergoing training through Pride in Practice to become a certified LGBTIQ+ trainer and create better understanding amongst workplaces of the diverse place we live in.

Instagram: Sophie Stewart  Facebook: Sophie Stewart  Linkedin: Sophie Stewart  Snapchat: Sophie Stewart  sophiecaitlan



Stephanie Dickson — Executive Assistant, Consumer & Small Business Strategy

Stephanie DicksonBeing a Telstra newbie I'm excited for this meaningful opportunity to help shine a light on the diversity of queer culture and the importance of equality. I've always had a curious nature and a thirst for knowledge which is probably why I have three very different degrees under my belt, either that or I just can't make up my mind. But let's go with the former because that thirst has encourage me to embrace and explore our diverse world. I was lucky enough to grow up in a home that celebrated diversity and I am utterly ecstatic we have a festival acknowledging and honouring the culture of LGBTQIA+ communities.

Instagram: Stephanie Dickson  Facebook: Stephanie Dickson  Linkedin: Stephanie Dickson  Snapchat: Stephanie Dickson stephierind  Twitter: Stephanie Dickson @StephieDickson


2019 Events

19 Jan — 10 Feb 2019
  • Corrs
  • Jetstar
  • City of Melbourne
  • AGL
  • PwC
  • NAB
  • Dan Murphy's