Midsumma eNews

Image Credit: Eugene Howard

Midsumma newsletters (eNews) are typically issued once or twice weekly during the festival period, and every two to three weeks outside of that. Subscribing to the eNews is a great way to hear about the Midsumma program during the festival period, to pick up a giveaway, or to find out about what's happening in our community. There are many deadlines throughout the year (carnival stalls, event registrations, registering to march at the Pride March etc), as we prepare for the following festival. Subscribe now so you don't miss any of those.

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The last few eNews bulletins are listed below.

  1. 15 June 2017: Mentorees announced, Midwinta selling fast, Cabaret Festival and more
  2. 29 May 2017: Midsumma Festival 2018 Event Registrations are now OPEN!
  3. 11 May 2017: Volunteer Week, Photography Contest, Noel Tovey In Conversation and more...
  4. 27 Apr 2017: Queer Events, Community Grants and Equal Love
  5. 13 Apr 2017: Save the date for Midwinta | Testing Grounds EOIs | Great Ticket Deals
  6. 30 Mar 2017: Midsumma Futures + 2018 Dates Announceds
  7. 16 Mar 2017: Congratulations, comedy offers and Queer Film Festival commences
  8. 2 Mar 2017: Some great double passes
  9. 23 Feb 2017: MQFF program has been launched
  10. 16 Feb 2017: We are wrapped and rapt! Thank you one and all
  11. 7 Feb 2017: Some continuing Midsumma events to help you avoid a complete cold turkey
  12. 3 Feb 2017: The final fling - Midsumma's wrap-up recommendations for 2017
  13. 31 Jan 2017: Our final week is bursting with fresh events
  14. 24 Jan 2017: Doing it with Pride
  15. 18 Jan 2017: Tix are running out the door. Book now so you don't miss out
  16. 13 Jan 2017: Top Picks for the Hers, First Nations up front, and offers
  17. 10 Jan 2017: Midsumma Carnival this Sunday, and the weather's looking great!
  18. 05 Jan 2017: Make a night of it with Midsumma at Arts Centre Melbourne
  19. 22 Dec 2016: Midsumma Festival Hub Top Picks
  20. 20 Dec 2016: Book a Premier Event for your chance to win!
  21. 12 Dec 2016: great discounts and earlybird offers
  22. 25 Nov 2016: 2017 Midsumma Festival: Get involved!
  23. 18 Nov 2016: Midsumma Festival 2017 Program online and on the streets!
  24. 25 Aug 2016: 2017 event registrations closing 9 September
  25. 09 Aug 2016: 2017 event registrations are now open!
  26. 01 July 2016: Premier Event and Carnival Stall registrations are now open