Midsumma Festival Dates

Midsumma Celebrates its 30th Festival

Here is how you can get involved

In 2017, Melbourne's iconic DGS arts and culture festival, Midsumma Festival, will be in its 30th year of operations. Melbourne should expect a bigger and louder federation of arts that encompass all aspects of the DGS community.

The 2017 Midsumma Festival will run from Sunday 15 January – Sunday 05 February, kicking off with the ever popular signature event Midsumma Carnival and T Dance at Alexandra Gardens. John Caldwell, Chairman of Midsumma, says "Our core focus leading into our 30th year is a reinvigoration of our arts program. We want to create a world class multidimensional arts program bigger than anything we have done before. In order to grow the arts component of our festival in both quality and quantity we need to reach out to a much wider audience and invite a more diverse range of members of the DGS community to participate.".

Alongside Midsumma Carnival and T Dance, individuals and organisations can once again show their pride down St Kilda's Fitzroy Street during Pride March on Sunday 29 January.

In 2017 Midsumma will be producing another exciting signature event, Midsumma Horizon, an experimental late-night event at Testing Grounds, bringing together Waacking groups and abstract performance arts to an open space within Melbourne's CBD. The lucky winner of the guide cover competition, Vexta, has been featured on Midsumma's new-look 2017 program.

Midsumma Festival involves many months, and even years, of planning with many milestones and deadlines occurring throughout the year, as summarised in the Important Dates panel. There are many opportunities for you to be involved, for example as a volunteer; as an event producer, artist or performer; as a sponsor or advertiser; as a stallholder or food vendor at Carnival; marching at Pride March; or being a spectator or participant in the diverse range of events held as part of the festival.

If you have some ideas for an event in a future festival, but don't know how to bring that to fruition, please get in touch.

Image: Allison Bennett